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What's more dangerous, the living or the dead? 

Spend the night as a Paramedium Cleric and see if you have what it takes to survive...


Sequel to the Itch.io Halloween Game Jam 2016 Winner, Paramedium: A Noise in the Attic. In this episode, our favorite Paramedium Clerics join forces to take on a Level 2 assignment! What could go wrong?

Paramedium is a light horror visual novel with fun and exciting mini games to keep you on edge! 


Gameplay Time: Single route 30min+, Two routes total (male/female)
Rated for ages 13+
Contains: Blood, mild language


  • *9/13/2018
    -Minor bug fixes

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PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(60 total ratings)
AuthorAGL Studios
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
TagsAnime, artgame, Crime, Ghosts, Halloween, Horror, Sci-fi, Spooky, Survival Horror
LinksPatreon, Twitter


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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Pm2.rar 97 MB
Pm2.app.zip (32bit) 128 MB
Nina Phone/Desktop wallpaper pack (nsfw) 2 MB

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Was worth buying, the visuals are as amazing as the first, and you do an amazing job at making the ghost hold a human appearance but look monstrous.

Woooo!! Another fun video! Thank you for making that and especially thank you for playing. Glad you enjoyed (and survived) another night as a Paramedium (=




I finally managed to play both Paramedium games and as always I love the artstyle. Still bummed out that it was not fully voiced over but still an amazing game. If there is a sequel I cant wait to play it :D


Thanks for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed Paramedium 2! Stay in the Light. (=

and the Light stay with you :)

I've played Paramedium 1 and 2 and i wanted to thank you for these cool short games. I've seen the kicksarter was cancelled. Is there any plan  to finance the game with another campaign or other means or is it definitively cancelled?

Hey Idolfan! Since we are such a small indie-studio (3 people), the financial loss of putting together the KS campaign and it failing was pretty harsh. So for our studios survival we cannot attempt another (at least not in the near future). However, we are so happy to hear you enjoyed our Paramedium game jams and thank you for playing!! I will be sure to forward your message to the rest of the team (=

Stay in the Light  -din

I just played this thanks to the Self-Isolation event, and you somehow managed to mix House of the Dead style gunplay (or swordplay if you're Lance) with gut wrenching, heart wrenching horror! My heart was especially hard pressed, trying to stay calm and collected, lest I bite the dust to a wicked spirit.

As it is, 10/10.  I would definitely purchase the full release when it hits Itch and Steam.

Thank you for playing and glad you enjoyed our humble little game! Stay in the Light! =D

And the Light will stay with you.


This game really was a good surprise! The ambiance is very creepy and the art suits perfectly. The character are interesting, even for a short story, it's well written. I also enjoyed the game play when it comes to shoot ghosts! I'm looking forward to play more stories in this universe ! Great Job! :)

Thank you for the kind words, Nyandzette, we are happy you enjoyed the game demo! Please check out our Kickstarter campaign that is running LIVE right now and tell your friends. We want to make Paramedium in to a full game with lots more story and gameplay! =D


Awesome! Really like the new gameplay and the story fleshes out more of the characters. Keep making more and we'll play them. Excited for the tease at the end and what's in store for the clerics. My partner and I play the game together for our Datenite feature and had a lot of fun.

Hey guys! Glad you enjoyed the 2nd episode of Paramedium! Thanks for playing and making the video, we had a lot of fun watching it. The batman voice works well for Lance (Garfield) XD

We'll be starting a Kickstarter Campaign, October 1st,  to make Parmadium a longer, more complete game. Hope to have your support and anything you can do to help spread the word is greatly appreciated (=

Stay in the Light! -din

that's awesome! looking forward to it. i'll keep my eye on your guys socials. :)


Even better than the first one.  I  just really like these games, and I love how you added some new gameplay elements.  Please do a new chapter and include May!

Hey thank you for playing! And glad you like, May. We look forward to including her in the future of Paramedium series =D

Gave it a go...

Hey, great video, Step! Thanks so much for sharing. We are happy you are enjoying our Paramedium series and look forward to more! =D

(1 edit)

So, is May coming back?

Hahah we'll see! Do you want May to come back?
Thanks for sharing the playthrough. Was hilarious! 
We'll certainly let you know when Paramedium 3 is on its way! =D
- din

I LOVED this. It's wonderful, and I love both the characters, the fact that you can name them, and the art style. I'm greatly looking forward to more Paramedium content ♥.


Hey Anna! Glad to hear you are enjoying the Paramedium series so far! We look forward to producing more content after we are finished with Faulty Apprentice. Thanks for playing and Happy Halloween! =D

- din

Excuse me but even though I can download the file, I can't open it. 

I've used "Rar opener" and it doesn't work (it works with other RAR files)

Is there anything I can do?

Can you try creating a new folder, and opening then unzipping into that folder? If its a security issue, you may need to run in administrator mode. Hopefully that helps!

(1 edit)

Thank you for your answer ! I used a different RAR opener and this time it worked ! 

Excellent, have fun! =D

Which RAR opener did you use? I'm getting the same problem with 7zip.

I used WinRar. https://www.win-rar.com/start.html?L=10

I just open in in the itch.io client for desktop. If you're on windows it works flawlessy when run in that. You don't even need to unzip it if you run it through the client.

Gorgeous character design. Pretty good gameplay. It is pretty short, though, and involves a bit of reading. Still, a solid game overall. Worth a shot, especially since it's still free for this month.

Hey thanks for playing, Shedlon! Have a great Halloween Season!

My dude, that's what visual novels are (hence the name 'Novel').

This is a great, well polished game. One question though, which program did you use to make it? Was it the same one as https://chillitech.itch.io/hasmon?


We are using Unity 3D. Should be the first thing you see starting the game =P
Cheers! -din

It's been a long time since I played Paramedium: A noise in the attic. Over a year I believe! I'm sure we both have grown over the year. I want to say right off the bat thank you for making this free for October. I'm a struggling Youtuber and, as much as i'd love to support your games. (and trust me they are amazing) I just don't have the funds to dedicate to that. Hopefully the gameplay draws in some people to spend money on your games! Really hoping there is a Paramedium 3. This visual novel really is a suspenseful horror game that brings a lot of fun to the table. I always love AGL Studios art style it's breath taking. I'm glad that there are some voice lines acted but, not over the top so I can add my own commentary. Thanks once again for all your team does!

Hey, Rathias! Glad you dig our Paramedium series and thanks for making a video! We are looking forward to continuing the series as well once we're finished with Faulty Apprentice. Cheers and have a great Halloween season! =D

Din + AGL Team


Hiya! So, I was considering playing this game (and the first one) for my gaming channel; but as I was opening it up I was warned about a high risk file by my anti-virus? I just wanted to ask about it (or at the very least let you know about it).


That's probably just because we are an independent developer. If there was a specific 'file' in question though, i'd be happy to check it out. So far no one has gotten any viruses, unless you count the sudden need for more Paramedium after you finish the games! XD

Thanks for letting me know! Hope you enjoy the games, plz send us a link here or on twitter @AGLstudioArt when your vids are complete (=

Cheers! -din


I got it working now. X'D I should have the videos up sometime this month!! I'll make sure to link them here as soon as they are up though!!

Here's the second one. :3

Loved the video! You girls are too cute. We are happy to see you both enjoying the Paramedium series. We can't wait to make more once we are finished with Faulty Apprentice! Have a great rest of your halloween season! =D

Din + AGL Team

OMF, I loved the first one!

Also, M!Medium is so fucking hot! <3

Hahahha thanks! Glad you like it! =D

NO! Why is P1 compatible with my computer, but P2 isn't!? WHY!?!?! T~T

NOO!!! That's wierd... What part is getting stuck?

If you are unzipping it on your desktop, try unzipping it in a folder. 

I'm getting the app, but it has a big "NO" symbol over it. I don't think that you made this compatible with earlier Mac models like the original was. I have an old 10.7.5 that can't be updated anymore, but P1 worked fine, and P2 doesn't open at all. ._.

Damn, the pm1 mac version was actually made in Tyranobuilder Visual Novel Engine, while pm2 was made in Unity engine. So thats why only one is working for you. Unfortunately we cannot use Tyrano for pm2 so you might be out of luck )=

Thank you for being interested though! Maybe borrow someone else's computer? =P

Greetings AGL Studios!(Did anyone remember me? No one? Okay. ;(  ) Anyway, I writing this comment to thank you for making a sequel to your previous game Paramedium: A Noise in the Attic! I played both chapters of "Paramedium" and "Faulty Apprentice"!(It's just sad that I need to buy game again for NSFM content. :(  ) I hope that you guys are fine and make us even more cool games! ;)

Hey svolozhanin7! Please check out the dev log of Faulty Apprentice, if you send us your email used to purchase the NSFW version we'll send you a download code (=

Glad you enjoy our games! Appreciate the kind words as well, cheers!

Alright! I'm going to do it right now, thank you!

I played this game on my Twitch stream and it was a lot smoother than the first one! Graphics were still great and I loved the added puzzle. I'd love to see more stuff like that or a harder fighting sequence. Good stuff and keep it up!


Hey glad you enjoyed the sequel, Raine, and thanks for making the video! We've been working hard to level up our games since the first Paramedium, so it means a lot to hear the improvements are being appreciated (=

Keep up the fun videos on your end! And may your rolls in dnd be high XD

Art work and the design of the characters are well done. I am always at amazed how well drawn the characters are. The game play was fun and the story was very interesting and awesome.

So... how am I meant to play the mac version of this? Unzipped the file and tried to find the game in the many folders (and folders within folders) but it seems there's no game icon to click on, and the closest thing --  Paramedium2.7Mac cannot be opened without an application. So, yeah... any help on this would be great.

I'll check right now!

Ok just uploaded a new version, should unzip directly into an app. 
Sorry for the trouble, let me know if you are still having issues.
Thanks for your patience.

Thank you! I can't wait to play it : D

Hi again! I'm glad you contacted me about this game, I really enjoyed playing through it. Just like the original, the characters are fantastic, I love the interactions between the two main clerics, and I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing these two expanded upon in future releases. The art style stays true to the original as well with interesting locations and good looking characters. 

The story and character dialogues are nicely written, but the story itself isn't super scary, then again I don't believe the goal of the game is to really scare the player.  

Apart from a few grammatical errors here and there, there's nothing really negative I can say about the game, it expands upon the already great foundation laid down by the original and offers up some interesting and funny character interactions and is a fantastic game.

I made a let's play of my time with the game over on my channel. Cheers and best wishes to you.


Hey Killjoy! Thanks so much for playing and making another awesome video! We'll be going through it and fixing those spelling errors. Happy to hear you enjoyed the game. We especially liked that you kept Nina's name, that was sweet (= 

Stay in the Light!

Of course I'm a bit biased, but I really, really enjoyed it!! It adds new features while still retaining the original spirit (if you'll forgive the pun :P) of the first game. I loved seeing more of Nina and Lance's interactions and the mix between spook and humor was perfect. Great job!!

Hey thanks Madeline! Glad you enjoyed the game, and great job brining May to life with your voice work (=



In the light of a short episodic interactive novel, Paramedium is a unique take on an alternate metaphysical world (I liken it to X-files combined with Judge Dredd).

 With a continuation on great storytelling, this sequal introduces some interestimg innovations from the first in regards to game play that will keep you on your toes, the soundtrack and audio are well composed and give a heaviness to the experience.

Studio AGL is ever evolving beyond their obvious gifts, so pick this game up  you will not regret it!

Oh... and, Stay in the light. XD

Hahha Paramedium is totally Judge Dredd mixed with X-Files! XD
Thanks for the kind words and support Aboddon! 

And the Light will stay with you (=


Fantastic update to last year's original.  Love the additions this time around.  Kudos!

Thank you Nel! Glad you enjoyed the new features! (=


This is how you do a sequel.
New features while keeping the charm and aesthetics of the old one.
great job of these indie devs

Hey thank you Hawk! Glad you enjoyed the latest episode of Paramedium! =D


Excellent. I can't wait.  Resident Evil + Clerics in a Visual Novel. Right down my alley.

(And maybe  our (male version) hero can sweep Nina off her feet too. I'd pay extra just for that.)

Woo!! Glad to hear your pumped! Best of luck with Nina too (=
We'll be starting beta tests on Patreon soon if you're interested, cheers!

What no preorder button? I can't wait to play the sequel.

We actually didn't know there was a preorder option XD
Thanks for letting us know! Just put it up (=

Cheers and thanks for the support skd3!

Preordered placed! Thanks!

Woo! First copy sold! You're the best! 

Looking forward to this, guvs!

Thanks calimack!! :D

YAY ANOTHER SEQUEL THIS YEAR! would it be longer? and would my ship get some moments again? sshush

thankyou devs!

Hahaha YEA! Glad to see the enthusiasm! It will be a bit longer, yes!  And your ships just might XD

Woohoo! A sequel to the first one? Awesome! 

I can't wait and I can't thank you enough for making another one!

Wooo!! Yup, going to be a sequel! Glad to hear you are excited! =D

Thanks for playing the first Paramdium!!