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Paramedium: A Noise in the Attic

What's more dangerous, the living or the dead?
Spend the night as a Paramedium Cleric and see if you have what it takes to survive...


Ranked #1 Halloween Jam 2016

Game Play time: 15min


Want more Paramedium?
Play the sequel, Paramedium 2!
Paramedium 2


Paramedium has been featured on:

Rock, Paper, Shotgun- "Ghost hunting with sensibilities"

PC Gamer- Best free games of the week

Siliconera- "High-tech Ghostbusting!"


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News and Update information:

Game updated: October, 15.17, 08:30 pm

Paramedium Window version now runs in Unity!
- No more Minigame glitches
- Manual setting sound
- Full screen mode available!

- Paramedium EX release! Now chose to play as male or female Cleric!
- Voice Cast added!
- Other cool effects!

Game updated: Nov.1.16, 1:00pm
- Fixed name entry bug for female path

This game was made in 6 weeks by a team of two (not including voice acting)

All donations go towards game development

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(147 total ratings)
AuthorAGL Studios
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
TagsAnime, Ghosts, Halloween, Horror, JRPG, Mystery, Sci-fi, Spooky, supernatural


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Any plans to maybe make an Android port for mobile users? I loved this game on PC but now that I no longer own a PC I'm having a hard time finding good games that are available on Android. Would love to be able to play this and it's sequel on Android.

Hey thanks for letting us know you're interested in an Android version! We have been considering putting our games on Android but not sure if they will be acceptable in the official app store. Would you still consider buying our games for Android if they were available on our website? AGLstudioArt.com

Cheers! -Din

if uploaded to itch.io there is an unofficial app for Android that can download and update it. That app is called Mitch. But all in all yeah, I would definitely buy an Android port if one were released.

Thanks for the tip, I'll have my programmer look into "Mitch." Cheers! -Din


Love the art style of the game, you really managed to make the Granny turn into such a demonic figure. Can鈥檛 wait to play through Chapter 2.

Thank you for playing and making a fun video! Can't wait to watch you play though Paramedium 2! =D



Good one

Thanks for playing! We hope you enjoy Paremedium 2 as well (=



I recommend to play the game then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!

First I want to start with the visuals, the characters look amazing it has an anime touch and they seem lively, it has a bit of voice acting that is great touch it brings the game to life. You make decisions in the game that matters and the story is simplified but gets the job done. with quick time events and some interactions the game makes it more than a visual novel. It's a shame that's short and I just noticed the game was released in 2017!! I'm glad I play it and I Highly recommend everyone to try it it's good stuff!!

This game is pretty fun. I like the character designs of the main characters and the overall game. Even though this is mostly a visual novel it still has some small mini games to keep me actually playing and not just looking at a game moving by itself. An overall fun game. Ill e looking forward to playing Paramedium 2!


fun little game. the art and character designs are excellent. the va clips were great too and fit the characters well. never thought id find a naming system so intriguing. i look forward to playing paramedium 2


do you have a discord server and may i join if you do


We sure do! https://discord.gg/AGLstudioArt

Cheers! -din


thank yo

Greetings from Spain

This first part of Paramedium is a successful mix between visual novel and horror game.

We also like that you take some effort in establishing a universe with the guild as well as little brushstrokes on the past of your characters. We will try to recall and share as soon as possible the second part, much more ambitious and with some interesting moments.

Do you have in mind to develop new parts?

Greetings and good work

Hey NP! We are happy you enjoyed Paramedium! Email us at AGLstudioArt@gmail.com and we can give you download code for Paramedium 2 as a thank you for making your video (=

Stay in the Light -din

This was an oddball, primarily because I didn't know how it was gonna go down initially. However, it establishes the basis of Clerics and their job well, alongside the introduction of the main characters and how they go about ghostbusting. I've said this in the Paramedium 2 review, but I should reiterate: this is a well made blend of House of the Dead gunplay and heart-crunching horror. I managed to get away with some dings, but had I freaked out, which was hard not to do, I would've been a goner.

Overall, 8/10. I'm sure it'll be kickass, the full release on Itch and Steam.

Game is unfortunately not compatible with Catalina on OSx

Deleted 2 years ago

Hey Grimperfect, Thanks for the (hash but honest) feedback! Since this game was created for a game jam and we are a small team with only had 6 weeks timeframe and zero budget, we had to make some hard decisions on what to include. Such as a non-linear story. In regards to our choice not to use Renpy, we are also making another game, Faulty Apprentice, which is our flagship, and feel renpy will not allow us to grow and expand as much as Unity will. 

That's sad you think the mini games are pointless, but we feel they add a lot of excitement to gameplay and plan to expand and incorporate more of them into the completed game. Hope you enjoy the 2nd demo (which was made in only 6 weeks as well, so go easy on us! XD) but we look forward to your honest feedback. (=

If you see some potential in this series, we invite you to support our Kickstarter Campaign!

Thanks for playing our humble game, Paramedium! Stay in the Light, Grimperfect! -din

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Off Topic:
Can someone please tell me why 'suspended account' text is still visible?  They're promoting porn links FFS.  For those who are absolutely curious (and of legal age) just right click and copy and paste link in a web browser but put a + at the end so that it shows only a preview of where it redirects.

On Topic: 
I love that this game is being promoted just in time for All Hallows Eve again ;)

On Topic Reply: Thanks for digging Paramedium! We are actually running a Kickstarter campaign now to make a full game of the Paramedium universe! Please check it out and help us gain support! (I promise its not a porn spam link) XD

Liked what I saw, but changing conversation options didn't seem to matter except for minor conversation deviations -- understandable for a game made in only 6 weeks, but still disappointing. Also less than stellar were the arcade bits being exactly the same each time, so changing characters didn't really change all that much other than a few snippets of dialogue. A bit of randomization would have helped liven things up a bit, especially on the second attempt. Keeping the name you gave one character was a nice (though maybe unintentional?) touch.

Great concept though! And the transitions and artwork were slick as well. Really would like to see a larger game come from this idea in due time.

Hey Causticius! Thanks for the detailed feedback. What do you mean by randomization?

We hope to develop this humble game jam into a larger game as well! 


Changing up the locations of actions/attacks during the "action" sequences, for one. 
Both playthroughs play exactly the same, sans changed dialogue (as mentioned).
I don't play many visual novels, though, so maybe that's the norm. 


Really like this game. My partner and I played the game together and it was funny and short. The  game has some really great dialogue and of course the art it nice. The VO is nice too. Really recommend it if you are looking for a quick play and interesting story. Very interested in part 2 and see our continuing adventure of Opal. 

Check out our gameplay below.

(1 edit)

I have to say that this was an interesting little game. Kinda saw what was coming there before the end but it was definatelly intersting and the art style was nice. Hearing words but not what they were saying was a throw off at first but easily forgivable as I wasn't expecting voices at all. On to number two after a bit. 

Hey thanks for the comment Game Junkie! We are happy to hear you enjoyed our little game jam! Hopefully one day we will have enough budget to afford full voice acting haha XD

Enjoy episode 2! 

This game is very nice, design of the characters are beautiful ! i recommand this game ^^


Thank you! We are glad you are enjoying Paramedium! (=


Hey, I enjoyed this little game! Made a smol video on it :3 I felt like the female main character was extremely oblivious tho 

Hey thanks for the video! Glad you enjoyed the first episode! =D


Really thought the ghost was gonna be in grandma's goiter. I know there's a part 2 already, but I'd love to see this as a full-blown series. Probably my favorite visual novel so far.


Haha thanks for making a video! Glad you are enjoying the Paramedium series so far! We originally made them for halloween game jams, but we look forward to developing a full game after our Faulty Apprentice title is complete. If you make another vid let us know. Cheers! 

- din


Posting this (like I promised) here (as well as Twitter). I had so much fun playing this (and so did my friend Night); sorry for our cringe, haha.  And I can't wait to see what more awesome stuff you guys will make in the future!!

Hahahhahahaha we are happy to see you guys having fun playing the first episode!! Can't wait for the Paramedium 2 video now! =D

Cheers and thanks again for playing!


I just discovered this game after finding the sequel on itchio! I was going to cover that on my YT channel, but when I learned of this I had to do it first. I hope this brings you guys more attention, because Noise in the Attic was wonderful!

Hey thanks for playing and making a video!! Glad you liked the first episode! Happy Halloween =D

So glad I finally got to play this properly!! On my old laptop, I kept dying in the attic because it was just so slow. Now that I've got touchscreen, it makes for a great experience!

Ya'll did really well! I'll have to check out the sequel some time.


Hey! Glad you enjoyed the first episode! And yes, Attic scene must have been brutal on a laptop XD

Thanks for playing Paramedium! =D

Deleted 6 years ago
Deleted 6 years ago

Hello from Spain!

We do not master the language very much, but we hope to be as clear as possible.

Taking advantage of the fact that today is Halloween, we have recorded a video dedicated to the game. Yes, it is quite short, but we liked a lot that the visual novel has combined with terror. That and the characters and scenarios designs.

We promise that we will play the sequel sooner or later! That and that we would very much like to see more jobs in the future ^^

Hello and thank you from the US!
Great video and glad you enjoyed the game (=

Stay in the Light!


Hiya, this was certainly one of the more interesting visual novels I've had the pleasure to play in the past bit. The art is very well done and the music superb, the atmosphere is set nicely with the creepy house, nighttime setting and creepy sounds. 

It's definitely a short game, but that isn't necessarily a shortcoming, the game seems to use it's limited time to introduce the characters, what they are, and the setting with enough detail. However, I was left wanting to know more about where these characters came from and just who or what the Paramedium Guild is.

There are a few grammatical mistakes sprinkled here and there but nothing that severely detracted me from enjoying the game. As mentioned by Raithias, I had Nina call me by the incorrect character name, it's included in the video but I just overlooked it, no big issue there.

All in all, it was good game, I hope you don't mind but I recorded a short let's play of my time with the game.

Cheers and best wishes to you.

Hey Killjoy! Thanks for the video! We like your voice!

Those name bugs should be fixed already, but thanks for letting us know anyway! We appreciate all the kind words, make sure you save some room in your schedule for a Paramedium 2 playthrough!
It's coming out this month, please look forward to it!


(1 edit) (-1)

I liked it, interesting ideas, wish it were a little longer. Not to spooky, but enough of a creepy factor, I even made a video!

Hey Nohawk, thanks for the kind words, we're glad that you enjoyed it! :)


I had a blast playing this! Great art, awesome animations, good story line! I normally don't critque too much but, the whole name thing bothered me on this. I chose the guy paramedium was asked to enter the name which I did and, put it as the name of my choice. Later Nina tells the male paramedium something and, calls him Lance. Kind of put me off. Would of just been fine not to name him and, to just have him as Lance and, Nina. Not griping just adding what I thought! haha. Awesome and, would love to see more of this or, other games like this!

Hey Raithias! Glad you enjoyed it!
That name thing was not supposed to happen, thanks for letting us know. We're fixing it right now, we should have a new build up soon!


Hello Din,

It didn't bother me too much just thought it was weird! I really hope there is alot more of this stuff from you guys. I see Paramedium 2 Girl In The Road is coming out soon enough. Hope I can scrape the cash to get it and, do a let's play of that too we will see!

Take Care!

Ahhhhhh this was so good! It's a shame it was so short. I frickin love the art style, it was amazing. The setup and dialogue were perfect,- it felt right out of a manga. I played as the male Cleric (I chose a name so didn't see his preset one) and his voice acting was spectacular. Awesome job!

Hey Tigress! Thank you for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed Paramedium! We were totally going for that manga feel (=
We actually just started working on a sequel, please follow us on Twitter and here on Itchio for updates!


This game is just amazing. I love the art, the music, and the world it's set in. I hope to see more of Paramedium.

Hey thanks Logic! Appreciate the kind words and support! You might see more Paramedium sooner than you think (=

Really great stuff. Loved the concept and the art was great. Would definitely like to see more set in this universe in the future, keep up the good work!


Hey thanks Mister! Glad to hear you are interested in more Paramedium! Keep an eye out, cause Halloween season is coming up (=

Man the game was fantastic for the limited time you had to work on it. When I was at school they had us make a game and we were put into groups of 3 my group was making a visual novel from scratch. Most of my group goofed off and it was mostly me working and all I could do in a month was make 4 backgrounds with text boxes and buttons and then code them together with notepad++ it was a job for sure. So the work you got done was impressive to me.    

Hey thank you so much for the kind words! I'm very lucky to have a partner I can rely on to make games with. Glad you enjoyed Paramedium! If you're interested in more of my work, check out Faulty Apprentice, and if you'd like to join the process check out our Patreon.
Thanks again and good luck with your games as well! (=

This looked so promising and I was generally enjoying it until it started crrashing during the fight in the attic. The ghost kept glitching all over the place and I kept firing without so much as touching the controls. I hope that gets fixed soon. 

Yikes sorry to hear that )=
Will look into it. If you restart and record the issue that would be awesome, but no pressure. I know that's a lot of work.

Thanks for giving Paramedium a try either way!

ye got it for maccas but lost

It is amazing but too short D:

Had limited time since was for Game Jam, but glad you like it (=
Might make more Paramedium after we finish Faulty Apprentice, cheers!

Hi, I'm having issues with the Mac version of the game. It starts up normally, but when you press "Start Game", choose your cleric and their name, then press the yellow button, the screen always gets stuck. I tried to restart the game, using a different cleric, download it again, restarted my computer but to no avail... It's still unplayable. Bummer. :(

Ah man, thanks for letting me know, Sairas! For some reason the auto-save feature in tyranobuilder (the software we made Paramedium with) doesn't work on macs... I had the problem with our other game, Faulty Apprentice, and I feel stupid for not realizing it would be the same here XD
Anyway, just uploaded a new Mac build, let me know if you have anymore trouble! And just a heads up, the game doesn't allow for full-screen mode yet, in case you try to do that. Cheers!

Thanks for the quick reply ! So I re-downloaded the game and I haven't encountered any other issue since. Honestly, I had so so much fun playing it. Just something about the occult detective/fantasy mash-up setting, dialogue and art really does it for me. Can't wait for the sequel ! (or any of your other games, really) *_*

Keep up the good work and thank you so much ! :D


If my D&D days have taught me anything, it's that you can always count on a Cleric to help! Admittedly, this is the first time I've ever been a Cleric with a gun! But the next time I hear a noise in MY attic, I'm calling these guys, and then I'm taking Grandma on a long vacation!

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