Free to play for October!

While we need to skip our tradition of a halloween game jam to power on with Faulty Apprentice, we would still like to do something special for the community. So, how about making Paramedium 1 & 2 free to play for all of October? =D

Starting Midnight tonight, we will be hosting a halloween bundle.


DIn + AGL Team


Pm2.rar 97 MB
Sep 13, 2018 (32bit) 128 MB
Sep 13, 2018
Nina Phone/Desktop wallpaper pack (nsfw) 2 MB
Sep 21, 2018

Get Paramedium: 2

Buy Now$1.99 USD or more


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If the game is claimed now, it is still linked to your account even after the sale ends, correct? Thanks so much!


I believe so yes, cheers!



Omg yes thank you so so much!! Can't wait to play it! Istg when I actually get money I'll buy your other games you guys are just the coolest


Hey thanks for playing! Glad to hear you are pumped! Have fun =D
Din + team AGL

Admin (1 edit) (+1)

Hey, I noticed the bundle is set to draft mode so no one can view it or get the the game free right now.


Fixed! Sorry about that and thanks for letting me know!