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I'm not exactly sure what traning day entails. I kept cutting logs for the knight until level 6 but it was just the same thing after the same thing. Not sure if I kept going I would see some oppai or, not I didn't have the patinece  haha.

Hahahah yeah, you have to play longer than 5min to see oppai =P

Is there a way to skip the mindless fruit ninja section? It is an *astonishing* waste of time. Given how long it goes on for, it makes me really doubt there is anything else to the game.

Hey Deudanann, was the Sword Training is the only minigame you have issue with? What do you think we could do to make it more interesting? The purpose of this training demo is solely to test the minigames, so we appreciate the feedback!

Does this contain romance?  What's the  game's genre?


There will be implied romance situations in full game, you can only build relationships so far in this demo. Genre is fantasy dating sim with rpg elements. Hope you like it! More updates coming soon =D


Thanks for replying, I'm looking forward to the release!

Enjoyed what I played of it so far, Was going to play this months ago but, never got around to it. Love the art style the humor and, the voice acting. Can't wait to jump into the NSFW side of it too off my channel

Hey thanks Raithias! Glad you enjoyed this old demo! Look forward to some awesome updates soon (=
- din

When will the game be finished?

Hopefully by end of the year

The artwork in this game is spectacular! 

I look forward to a full screen option!

If full screen is forthcoming, I'd love to feature Faulty Apprentice in a YouTube video "Let's Play" (censored as required).  I hope you won't object. Let me know.

We have a new update coming next month with Full Screen option and some other long over due upgrades! Thanks for letting us know your interested, and be sure to link us the video when you're done so we can check it out! -Din

I was so enamored with the game I just couldn't wait to get started recording play. I normally like to capture in 1920x1080, but have begun this capture in 1440x960. It looks pretty good. Got a date yet for the next release?  

Next public release will be in one month, but for specific date would be best to follow us on Twitter @AGLstudioArt

Glad its still looking good! Can't wait to see the video (=

I like the look of the game but I have a big problem with it and that is that there's no options button. If you add that in sometime I will be glad to play and maybe support it. What I would want the options to have is the usual: adjustable texspeed and sounds, choice skipping and full screen or window mode and all the usual stuff you find in VNs.

100% agree! We have already begun rebuilding the game and adding the options you mentioned. Thanks for checking out Faulty Apprentice and please look forward to an updated demo in the next few months (= Cheers! -din

Deleted post

Yikes, not sure about that... Hopefully since we are rebuilding the game in Unity, the problem will resolve itself.  Let me know if you have any more questions. Thank you for playing Faulty Apprentice!

Cheers! -din

I gotta know, is there any hope of maybe in the future, possibly, sometime, adding the guards (or maybe one or two specific ones) to the list of romanceable characters?

Don't get me wrong, I'll be throwing my money at the full version of this as soon as I can, and the sword instructor / potential romanceable Alchemist (I couldn't figure out if that was unlocked or not, seeing as the others were blue but that was brown even though the amount was over that stretch goal) are both, as far as I'm concerned, solid choices each; but I can't help feeling sorry that poor Doll guard or Marine guard will never be more than a friendly face XD

Hey Cerviathrax! Currently no plans to have datable guards other than the Bunny, but glad you have some favorites! We did reach the final stretch goal Kickstarter but it was in the final minutes and the page locks so we couldn't edit the image. Thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice and have a great holiday season! (=

Ok, this is either a review or a bug report.  First run-through, mostly playing by the seat of my pants.  Just finished the third Sword training session, I think 4th or 5th day.  First Guard (the redhead one) shows up, tells Sword Lady to run off to the library.  Sword Lady leaves.  Redhead guard chews me out for not taking things seriously, and then murderizes me into a wall.  Game over, roll credits.  On the one hand, I'm quite frankly shocked my useless human-disaster ass survived that long.  On the other hand, I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature (given that the Big Hotshot Wizard had a scheduling conflict between a wet tunic contest and something called The Final Battle, and decided to send an untrained farm boy to deal with the latter, I imagine there's plenty of dying involved).  Looking back, it might be related to the healing potion-related quest I accepted from the redhead guard (I think) a day or two before that.  

TLDR: Loving the game so far, excited for the final version, feel like I should know whether the murderously disciplinary redhead is a bug or a feature (if only so I know what I'm laughing at).  

Hey Daring Steel! Don't worry you're not the only Apprentice she's gotten =P
You have to do an Urgent Job by Friday afternoon or the First Guard will kick you out for being a Faulty Apprentice XD

Glad you are enjoying the game so far! Demo has 3 endings and 1 bad (not including game overs). Ends when you see "To be continued..."

Thanks for playing!
- din

So I'm just a little confused here.  I am very interested in your game.  However is it an adult game (NSFW) or is it not?  Because steam has issues with that sometimes.  Also if there is a separate page to support the NSFW version can you direct me to it??

And when will the game be done so I can download it in all its glory?  Thanks!

Hey Hugzie! You can find a link to the NSFW version of the demo at the top of the page, but here is direct link. The NSFW version features mild nudity and adult themes. Planning to release late spring 2018. 

We have a Patreon if you are interested in being a part of the development process (=
Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for news and updates!

Thanks for being interested in Faulty Apprentice!

ok great!  So does the Patreon support both versions of the game?

Yes and more! Patreon gives you access to all of our games, so you will get not only Faulty Apprentice game builds, but our halloween game Paramedium2 as well! Thank you for considering to support us (=

So how does the Beta through Patreon differ form the demo on this page?

This demo is same, Patreon just gives you access to it. But as a Patron you get access to development art, wallpapers, and new builds like the Traveling Merchant beta we released today (=

(1 edit)

So...You ask for 5 dollars for the NSFW here then you create another page to force people to pay again?


Why don't you put a pre-order thing here?

Would like to pay one time for full game and not one bazillion of times /:

I don't use Patreon...

We had to separate the demos for various reasons. The finished game will be released on Steam. Just closed preorders after extending the deadline several times. Sorry you missed it. 

If you do not wish to support us on Patreon, plz follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates @AGLstudioArt



Thanks for answering ^^
So the finished game is going to be Steam only?
No DRM free version?

I love to keep my games by genre at the same place,I use Steam mainly for multi and AAA games.
My VN are from DRM free sites (Mangagamer,Jast,

Thats a good question. We are planning a DRM free version to release here on itchio,  but might have to be a separate page as well. We'll have to see what is best option when we are closer to release. Cheers!

No problem!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving  ^_^

I'll patiently wait for the release...

so if you finished the game is it still free?

You can preorder here: Deadline is in 4 days at: 11/07/17!
Price will increase after the deadline since the game is expanding, thanks to our Kickstarter campaign!  


Man,  I wonder what Falty Apprentice default name would be like? Probably something with a deep meaning like "Roland" a hero of France who hold a legendary swords "Durandal". ;)

Hahahahha if you press the button without entering a name, you can find out! Might be sliiiiiightly less epic than "Roland" though XD

Cheers and thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice!! (=

Oh, "Farm Boy" yeah that's....yeah. ^_^;

When full game is out ?


No release date yet, estimated spring 2018, cheers!

Is there really no full screen option? The game looks good, but if you're restricted to a tiny window, that kills it for me.


Hey Osmigos! Yea the Faulty Apprentice demo doesn't allow full screen for some reason (was supposed to be scaleable), but we are working on fixing it in the full game. Apologies for the inconvenience, but I appreciate you giving FA a chance. Cheers!

That's great to hear!

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On 3rd sword minigame need make 5 strike combo xD. Made pass 3 hit combo bug but 5 hit combo no way :(

Hey sorry for delayed reply! The bugs in sword training are pretty random, but rest assured will be fixing it in the final game.
Thanks for giving Faulty Apprentice a chance! Hope you enjoyed what you were able to play (=

LINUX. will we ever get it on Linux ? or is it just a dream ?

Its on the maybe list, but we'll do our best!

that's the spirit! a spirit is the husk of a meaningless person that died ages ago but still lurks around to see if anything can save it.

I'm liking it so far! I didn't know this was intended to be a NSFW game going in, but I'm really glad you provided a SFW version ^^ Dunno if I'm able to (or if I WANT to for the entire demo), but for now I'm going for an intellect-focused path. Kinda glad I did though, cause I want to get to know the cat lady better ><

I also made a let's play, and plan on continuing it until I complete the demo. I linked back to this page, so I hope it helps!

Hey, loved your video! Glad you are enjoying the Faulty Apprentice demo! Thanks for letting us know about the audio being low for you.    Best of luck, Apprentice Doodrun! Look forward to more videos (=

Has your team put an estimated time on which quarter the game might release? I can't find an answer in the FAQ but I'm sure it has been asked before.

Hey Chinpa! Estimating development time of up to one year. For early access to test builds and game art, please consider supporting us on Patreon. Cheers!

Heya, I'm supporting you on Patreon now, where can I download the latest releases?

Hey thanks for supporting on Patreon! You can find the link here  
Feel free to join us on Discord as well!

(1 edit)

I seem to having issues with the minigames, most specifically the sword training. The second day "Make a three hit combo" is nearly impossible, since it doesn't seem to register clicks and the target seems to flicker in and out of existence. I also sometimes get the message "Label 'hit' could not be found" or somesuch.

Edit: It seems that if I do hit the third combo, the game freezes completely.

Hey Akhatost! Thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice! Those are known issues we are fixing in the full game, which will be in Unity. Thank you for your patience and understanding (=
For updates and more info, please follow us on Twitter, cheers! -din

(2 edits)

Hey there, I just wanted to inform you of a little bug in your Extended Demo. On day 3 I was given the opportunity to do urgent jobs at the Alchemist's but I didn't have enough Courage for that, so I decided to do them the next day. When I returned to my room at the end of the day, I was surprised to discover that I had 2 memories with the Alchemist available ("Speedy Spiders" and "Frugal Flowers") despite doing no jobs to unlock them. It's not that I mind it but I guess it's not intended.

I also unlocked the memory with the Archery instructor the same day, in case it matters

Thank you for this awesome game. I've played through the Demo countless times over the past several months and enjoyed every second. Finally I decided to purchase the NSFW version and a few wallpapers at I ended up spending 15$ in a matter of seconds :D No regrets! I was just wondering if I will have to buy the full game when it's released (after having bought the Demo, I mean). Thank you so much again. I would love to see you guys succeed with this project.

Hey Sindweller!
Thanks for bringing that to my attention! Based on your in-depth description (thank you btw, more info than less in these situations are priceless) I know whats happening. Unlike the Instructor Memories, the Alchemist ones carry over into new games. However, the Memory screen doesn't give you access, until you make a new memory, so that should be why you unlocking the Alchemist memories alongside the Archery one. If that doesn't sound right though, let me know and I can look further into it.

I know its odd only hers carry over, but the memories were actually a very last minute addition to extended demo and I was testing how to carry over stats. Full game gallery will be more refined and all images will carry over. Cheers! -din

It's funny that you mention the memories carrying over into new games because just right before this playthrough I downloaded the latest version of the Extended Demo and deleted all the previous files, including saves, altogether. So it's definitely something different. Honestly, I believe it's not something game breaking and you probably have more important things to do, so I just thought that I would bring it to your attention :)


Ok good to know! I'll keep it on the bug list, and I can imagine why no one has reported it till now hahah! Appreciate you bringing that to my attention, cheers Sindweller! If you find anything else let me know (= Cheers!

Almost forgot to answer your other question. Full game will be available for purchase on Steam or DRM free on our Website. The demo here on is separate and donations will not carry towards the final game. We appreciate all the support here on itchio and gumroad, your gold is helping us develop Faulty Apprentice!

Being forcefully put into bondage by multiple women, just to be left alone in a dark room with more women, one of whom is scantly clad, ALSO in bondage, and trying to take advantage of me. Oh, game, you truly do understand me! XD


this game is cool help me to create a game like this but the Kenyan way please email me

When they told me to reach out and touch someone, I never thought I would take it this far. I'm excited, and yet terrified at the same time! Ha HAAAAA....I'm gonna die, aren't I?


Another great video! Already watched it half a dozen times haha! ! haven't had a chance to implement the grammatical error fixes yet but got them on the list. You are in the home stretch now, one more video should do it. Thanks again for all the support Rock, really appreciate it. Glad you got sone touches in too, we'll add that feature to all the characters in the full game, but for now only key characters have it. Looking forward to next Sunday, cheers!

Glad to see this is progressing well, I shall wait patiently for the full version. There has been quite a bit of interest for this game on the channel, please keep me in touch if you would like me to record it.

Yup! We're working hard trying to make Faulty Apprentice happen. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter if you haven't yet. Glad to hear FA is generating interest on your channel, Fellowplayer! We will definitely want play throughs when we release so will definitely keep you in mind. You're going to flip seeing the progression since that alpha you played, cheers bud! (=

Got this one recorded immediately after Episode 2. All I wanna do is make friends with the Sword Instructor, but the game won't let me. NOTICE ME, SENPAI!! :(


AAahhh!! I almost thought sword training was going to work for a bit there!! TAT
So brutal dude, but maybe its for the best so you can save her path for when you play the full game. We already started remaking Faulty in Unity and are working to beef up the mini-games (=

Good plan for Day 5, Archery training in morning so you can do Alchemist Urgent Job in afternoon. I want to see you make it to the end of the demo, good luck! Thanks again for making these videos, they are helping us spot typos and areas to improve, really appreciate it! We are thinking of holding a play through contest on twitter so keep an eye out and post your videos.

Ps. If you touch certain characters in different parts of their body you might get different reactions! XD


Episode 2 is up! And there will be more on the way. I seriously cannot wait for the full version! :)


Another great video Rock! And yes, your playthroughs are very helpful, thank you for recording them. Look forward to seeing more. Don't forget to try touching the characters haha! Goodluck! XD

I shall touch them all in Episode 4. I started to in 3, and the results were pretty awesome to say the least. lol

Hey there! I've begun doing a playthrough of this game, and I've enjoyed what I've played so far. I did notice one potential typo, and had an issue with one of the trainerings breaking the game. BUT, I plan on playing more, so I hope this helps! Can't wait to see more! :) Thank you!


Dude! That was great video! So happy the fantasy references are landing! My apologies for the crash on sword training. The VN software we are using is great for starting out, but not built to support quick time events (sword training). If the Kickstarter is funded we can translate the game into Unity and not only stabilize the mini games but improve them!

Thank you again for the video! I hope you can see the potential of the game and will give it another try (just save before training XD) and if you like it plz consider supporting us on Kickstarter!

Look forward to part 2! If you have any questions or any other problems let me know! Thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice, Rock!

Hello! What sort of criticisms are you looking for for this demo? Since you're looking to reprogram it in unity instead.

Yo! Open to any feedback really, what's up

When I play those mini games, sometimes the actual game would freeze up. So I have to close the program and reload my save point and hope that doesn't happen again. Also, after a certain amount of task it seems like the FirstGuard always give me a game over, not sure if its intended or not.

Thanks for letting me know! Yea, the VN software we are using is not really designed for mini games, so we are pushing its limits. We started a kickstarter to hire a programmer and translate Faulty Apprentice into Unity. Thats interesting about the First Guard though.. Did you complete the Alchemist Urgent Job by end of Day 5? She's only supposed to kick you out of castle if you don't do that Job in time for story event.

Oh I see, will it be like that on the final product?

The mini game issues will not be problem in final game, but the First Guard will still probably kick you out if you don't do the Urgent Job in time. Cheers!


If we paid for the NSFW a while ago do we have access to the newer version of it or do we have to pay again?

Sorry I missed your message! You can re-download for Free by using the previous "download URL."
There should be a way for itch to recover that from the support page, cheers!

(1 edit)

Just trying the new demo, looks like I'm stuck in a loop doing Sword training the second time. It happens after the level 2 Sword Training mini-game while the message repeats: "The Sword Instructor gives a couple of last pointers to the soldiers she is training and walks over to you." Again and again. After reloading save and doing it again it just gets stuck.

Also, will you do something about the annoying 'drag image' while playing any skill-up mini-game? You can drag an image like the target and because of it miss taking the shot.

Furthermore I'm experiencing quite a difference, especially convenient that Auto-text button and the quick save/load! Perhaps a slider to regulate the speed of the auto-text would be a great addition as well! Also, earning Courage after completing a Job makes sense, things go faster this way. Still not through the demo, will provide more feedback later!

EDIT: Finished the new demo! Turns out the loop only happens the 2nd day in the castle, and after talking to the instructor. I was able to finish the training till the milestone before needing to continue with the story.

Hey Chinpa! Thanks for letting me know, will look at those areas right away

Edit added.

Excellent, glad you were able to get past it! If tomorrows kickstarter gets funded we will be able to hire a programmer to translate the mini games in Unity. That should help a lot with training bugs. Thanks again for playing! Sword up! (=

Hello dinmoney! It's me Sergei, I hope you still remember me! :p (Even if I wrote my comments a long time ago. >_> ) Anyway I have a couple of questions and I really need answers on them: 1-"So i have a 512.55 RUB on my hands, that in dollars 8.78 USD, and I would like to support this project Faulty Apprentice (And use a NSFW version ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) where I go with that. It's okay if I buy you Faulty Apprentice on my 512.55 RUB, or should I wait when the game will be released in the Steam? 2-If I I buy a game right now, (NSFM) did the game what I just buy will updated in future when you decide to develop it or should I wait for full version and them buy? And last double question 3- If I buy game in other sites (like Steam) did I support this project? And if I buy game in Steam there will be te NSFM version? (Because I know 2 or 3 game in Steam what have a NSFM material and they was censored. I don;t like censorship.)

Hey Sergei! I remember you (=

1. Buying here would be great support for us! We will be updating the demo in next couple weeks with voice acting if you want to wait for that. For news and updates follow us on Twitter!

2. If you buy now, you can use the download URL to redownload at any time in the future. If you lose your URL you can get it again from the support page.

3. Steam doesn't allow NSFW so we should be releasing that version here on itchio.

Hope that answered your questions. We really appreciate your support and glad you like our game Faulty Apprentice! (=


Geoff Trebs @dinmoney

Yes, that's help me a lot. Thank you! :)

Hey there, I was wondering, since I pledged on your patreon, do I get the latest version of the game?

We have an update to the demo coming end of this month, will be sharing with Patrons at that time.
Thanks for the support!

No worries!

I just want you to know that this game so far is great! I'll be looking into getting the paid version when I have a little more spending money.

Hey glad you are enjoying Faulty Apprentice so far! Really appreciate the kind words and support! (=

Hey I am playing the mac version of this game and i can't seem to get past the first night of rest. Is there some thing that I am doing wrong? Looks like a really fun game that I look forward to playing.

Thanks for letting me know. What does it say on the Calender, day 0 Sunday or Day 1 Monday? And what happens when you press the Leave Room button in lower left of room screen? Just did a play through and wasn't able to duplicate that issue.

On the calendar its day 0. pressing the leave room button says im too tired (which seems to be a story thing). i tried redownloading it but the issue still stands :/

goes to night time with the castle and lights but it just stays there, i cant open the menu and try to escape or anything

Ok thanks, sounds like there is an issue with the auto-save system.. Sorry to trouble you but can you answer these questions?
- Are you using the Itchio app?
- Or do you have the game files on your computer?
- Are you getting a .sav file in the game folder when the game gets stuck?

Hey made a custom No Auto Save build of Faulty Apprentice Mac demo for you, hopefully that will help!

Hey dinmoney! Want to hear a good joke?

Joke: "What do you call a warrior who is not able to fight? DISarmed!" (Insert laugh track here)

Hey mate, I was just wondering if are at all considering releasing a complete version of the game that is censored? I ask because I would love to support your work but don't feel comfortable with nudity and/or sex.

Yes, we are currently working on an all ages version. Thanks for expressing interest in supporting Faulty Apprentice!

Glad to hear it mate! I look forward to the final version!

Hi Fish!
We just released an all ages version of Faulty Apprentice!
Hope you dig it!

Hey, thanks for letting me know mate! I'll check it out!

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