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The 18+ dlc on Steam doesn't appear to be working, as the art is all still censored after enabling and disabling it multiple times, and after a fresh install. Is this a bug or am I just doing something wrong? X)

Sorry for the trouble! Please message us on our discord so we can assist you directly


Hey! Just wanted to give you a head's up that someone else made a page for the game "Faulty Apprentice", using your game's assets and everything. Looks like they're claiming it's a way to pirate your game for free.

Good luck with your project and I'm sorry someone pulled such a stunt!

Hey GBPatch, thanks for letting me know! Best of luck with your games as well (= 


Thank you :D!

Hi there!

So I have a question about the game. I had bought the pre-order a while back but now that the game is out (I think it's out anyway?) I've not recived anything, did I purchuse something differant?

The email probably got sent to your junk mail or something. Email us at with your the email you used to order and we'll find your download key. Cheers! -din

Hi! First of all, nice game! I has ejoyed the history so far! and want to try another runs with other variants in the story.
By this way I bought the game here in itchio sometime ago and downloaded last version 1.2.2 but i don't see the free DLC in the .zip and I don't find it anywhere. I see that on Steam it is but need to buy the game again.

I'm doing anything wrong?

Anyway thanks for the game!


Hey Aptitud! Since we extended the in-game days to 20, you may have to play further and have a save point on day 20 to unlock the DLC at start menu. Let me know if that works and be sure to have a relationship with one of the instructors to unlock a bonus DLC scene (=

Thanks for playing! -din

Hi Din! Thanks for the fast response!

I have two saved files; One is the automatic save at day 20 Morning the other is day 20 Night (when ask to you for saving). 

I played to the end, got a relationship with the Commander and saw the credits and Epilogue and the hilarious last secret scene :'D.

But the start menu is always the same with the four options avaliable; Continue, New Game, Load Game and Gallery and the prinicipal background image.


Wow, you're right. Thank you for reporting that! Just updated the builds. Sorry for the trouble, hope you enjoy the DLC! -din

It worked perfectly! A lot of thanks Din!!

Hello, I'm having the same issue. However, I downloaded the game from Fakku. I have multiple save files with Day 20 and the DLC menu still won't pop up. Can the same update be performed from fakku?


The Fakku builds may need to be updated, we'll get in touch with our contact there first thing Monday when they are online. Thanks for letting us know, humble, and apologies for the issue! -din

Has anyone tried to play on Mac Catalina?  Running games on a Windows partition is proving a little harder than I thought.


That Mac version is 32bit and not Catelina compatible. Thank you for being interested in Faulty Apprentice though!

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Hey guys, love the game, amazing art even better characters, I'm just curious about something, the thing is that I allways end up one bar short on the friendship meter when talking to midnight is there a trick for it or am i just dumb. 

Thanks in advance. 


To unlock the Relationship scene for Midnight you need to have Relationship Meter at 9.5, Morale at 8+ and complete their Urgent Job. Talking to them each Sunday in-game is possible to miss, and you need to talk to them twice on the first Sunday. Hope that helps!

Thanks for playing and glad you are enjoying your apprenticeship! If you have any more questions feel free to ask here or on our discord. (=

Cheers! -din

Thank you very much for the help, again love the game hope to see more from your team in the future. 

Any one have this working on linux yet at all? only thing holding me back from buying is been able to play. I don't mind if it's via wine.


Not yet...then again, I'm trying to get it working via Wine on a Chromebook with Linux.

I don't know if it's an issue with the Wine installation or just game compatibility.


I managed to get it running via steam on proton with no issues. hopefully it's as easy on wine.

Oh, maybe I'll give that a try. I have Steam running on the Chromebook.

Does this have a fixed protag? Can we play as a woman?


Fixed protagonist as a dude.

when you guys release a new build or update or whatever,where would i get that? are those free or do i have to pay? do you have to be a patron or are they accessible to everyone?


Build updates with bug fixes /changes are uploaded here when they become available. Simply check your version number agains the current version on here to see if you are up to date. (The itchio app may also update automatically, I'm not sure) 

As for DLC Quests, they will definitely be available on Patreon, and we are considering options on how and if to release to public.

Thanks for playing! -din


A fantastic dating sim with stunning visuals!


I backed the game on backkit as a steam key option, do you know when the keys are going to be released? all I had was a link to FA: Ch2 (Steam Win), which is now a dead link, as is the link to gum road

We already sent out Steam Keys, please check your junk mail folder and if you haven't received yours please email us at 

And yes, the previous ch.1 and ch.2 update links are canceled because they are out of date. Cheers! -din

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Thanks, it was in my junk folder but it says is already been used. I'll drop an email now.

On it! Thanks for letting me know, sorry for the trouble! -din

im not sure if it's intended or some kind of glitch but, some of the interactable gallery images cant be interacted with when viewing the gallery from the title screen such as,the first gallery image for sunny.also,are not all the images unlockable in the gallery? because images like, the one where eleanna loses her panties and the bunny guard gettting stripped naked during the spider urgent quest,dont seem to be available for viewing,through interaction or otherwise.

Will be uploading a new build with that issue fixed very soon, thanks for reporting!

so far,i'm really liking this game.its funny,it has nice characters,nice artwork and an interesting only real issue with the game is the mini games,specifically the sword slashing ones like the one from the sword training.i found them to be very difficult.they leave little margin for error,wich forces me to skip anything that involves that type of mini game because it's impossible for me to beat,wich sometimes forces me to go down a different road in the would be nice if we were given the option to either play these mini games or skip them.that way we don't have to skip anything that might unlock a special event,scene,or gallery image.

Hey unleashed! Glad you are enjoying Faulty Apprentice! You can skip minigame's by activating "Story Mode" in the options menu. Cheers! -din

Really need to increase the hitboxes on the Princess's plate minigame. They only trigger when you click directly on the center, and the minigame gives you very little time, so it's pretty much impossible to complete right now unless you're, like, a veteran Osu player or something. To players, I suggest not taking the Princess's Urgent Job until this is fixed. 

Also, when Loading a manual save from Your Room, the Exit button disappears. The only way I've been able to get it back is by going to the Wet Tunic Flyer and choosing Don't View the Flyer.

Thanks for reporting the exit button bug. We'll look into that and sorry for causing you issue! The princess Urgent Job is challenging, so if you are having trouble, we recommend doing more Training to increase your hp, or activating Story Mode in options menu to skip it. It's worth completing though (=

Thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice! -din

Found two more issues. Upon hitting Continue from the Main Menu, it always loads me to where Hilde is telling me about Equipment, but that was several days ago. I have to manually load my save from a save spot. This happens upon death, as well. It's worth noting that my save file was created in v1.0.5 and was opened in 1.0.6 to continue the game. 

As far as the exit button, sometimes it will also disappear after viewing Titles or Character Stats. Hopefully this helps.

Some of the minigames could use a short text box or graphic telling the player what to do and what not to do. For instance, during goblin attacks, a small graphic could pop up with a check mark beside the sword and shield and a skull beside the apple bombs. Same with the spider minigame. I thought I was supposed to kill the spiders. I didn't notice my HP going down, and I had to repeat everything I'd done that day because the game has no checkpoint system. Same thing with the Midnight minigame. I thought you had to click the words. Turns out you have to drag them onto the cat.

Or, if you prefer this kind of trial-and-error playstyle, I highly recommend a Quick Save button. There's nothing more frustrating than stumbling into a new minigame and dying, then having to repeat the entire day and click through all of the same text to try it again. It's gotten to the point where I find myself going back to the Room and manually saving after every conversation I have. It would be a good quality-of-life change and may result in the player being more immersed in the gameplay loop rather than having to break it after every conversation. 

Thank you for paying attention to feedback! This game is a wonderful work of art, and I want it to be as successful as possible!

Hey thanks for the additional reports Victor. I've just forwarded them to our QA team. I like your idea about the small graphic in the mini games, let me pitch it to my partner and we'll see what we can do. Glad to hear you are enjoying Faulty Apprentice over all and we appreciate the words of encouragement! Thanks for playing and good luck in the Final Battle! -din

Alrighty, I've finished the game, and I have to say, well done. I do feel like a lot of the plot points in the Final Battle were a tad rushed, but there were still some twists that caught me off guard. I won't mention which because I don't want to spoil things, but I did not see some of it coming, and it was delightful. Negative things happening makes a story better, because you appreciate the positive things more by comparison.

The only thing I found disappointing was that holding Fafnir changed nothing about the story. I have a magical glowing legendary fire blade, and no one commented on it. It wasn't described in the last battle at all. There were no extra actions that I could take with the legendary sword. After all that effort to get it, it felt kind of... meaningless. 

Going to the Hidden Grove also doesn't seem to be tied to a variable. Every time you visit the sword to see if you can pull it, you have to go through the same wall of text to get there. 

Though I did feel like the couple days leading up to the last battle were significantly impactful. The choices were written in such a way that I believed they had lasting consequences, which really deepened the immersion. Especially the entirety of the second weekend. I was genuinely worried, and that's hard to pull off. Whoever wrote that section, well done. Well done indeed. Really made the game feel dynamic and that choices matter.

Overall, the art is fantastic, the music gets stuck in my head, and the characters are all wonderfully unique. I haven't filled the Relationship bar on any of the characters yet, so I'll have to play again and see what results that yields. 

Thank you for the amazing game and the huge amount of effort you all have put into it!l

Finished my first playthrough and I loved it. The amount of sudden plot days though where it auto-progresses to night was a bit jarring. I wanted to do a few more urgent jobs and didn't get the chance to. Aside from that, everything in this game was spectacular! The writing, the art and the voice talent!

Hey Nest! Happy to hear you enjoyed the game and we appreciate the feedback. Congrats on finishing and thanks again for playing! -din

so I played through and, the days after the final battle don't actually exist and when relationships are almost maxed out the talk option just doesn't work anymore..

is it just something i have to figure out over 20 playthroughs or did you just leave it out?

if more content actually exist you have to put at least some tiny hint on how to get there

The Final battle is the end of the game. Did it not go to Epilogue and roll credits after?

Additional conditions are required to trigger the Max Relationship convo for certain characters while others require only talking to them everyday and saying the right things. We have Strategy Guides available on our Patreon if you're interested or feel free to join our discord and ask, your fellow Apprentices for help (=

Thanks for playing! -din

Hello! It says "Click to interact" in gallery, but it does nothing ;(

Some images do not have interaction. Only if it did in the original scene will they in gallery. We are removing that bug that shows click to interact on non interactable though! Sorry for inconvenience (=

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No Steam key for backerkit buyer?

I mean... buy the game here is less costly.

I'm not sure what game I get with my key from backerkit...the censored one or the uncensored?

If you selected DRM Free on your BackerKit survey, you would have received an itchio key. The game is uncensored unless you toggle censor option in the options menu. The game is same price on here and steam. Cheers!

Oh...It's a toggle thing.


Thanks ^^

Any reason it's cheaper on Steam than on here?

(1 edit) (+1)

Same price, but Steam version is one sale for next few days. We can't start sale until game is live here. As soon as itchio support staff resolves issue we'll be live and on sale. Thanks for your patience!

Oh gotcha! Thank you for the clarification!


link received from kickstarter for not unlocked yet. Have to say, not a good start after paying $25 USD.


We are currently waiting for itcho support staff to resolve the issue, thank you for your patience. -din

Any word why it is not unlocked yet?


We just barely went over the size limit and are waiting for itchio support. Thanks for your patience!

I hope they help out!

Hi, I bought chapter 1 a while ago, do I get a reduced price to unlock the rest of the chapters or do I have to pay for the full game version?

(1 edit)

Depending how the itchio system works you may have to pay for full game. That's why we advertised chapter one payments as "donations" since we are unable to guarantee a way to manage previous payments towards final release automatically. Rest assured we'll do our best to help you out if at all possible. Thanks for asking! (this applies to NSFW chapter one as well)

I see, thank you for the reply. I don't know if this is possible but would there be a way for me to pay the extra $15 through a form of 'donation' and once you confirm payment send me a product key? I'm not sure if that is possible through or steam since I saw it was coming to that platform as well and they now allow adult content. Would that be a way?

That may be possible, but since this is our first game, we won't know exactly how to resolve those issues until FA has released. Thanks for your patience and glad to hear you are excited to play! =D 

Alrighty, good luck with your full release! I've been anticipating this game for quite a while. I'll wait for a few days past release to inquire how to proceed to allow you time to answer any questions or concerns that may come your way upon release. Sword Up!


Don't worry, I'm trying to get an answer before that. Thanks for the hype (=

Sword up!

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That's weird, I clicked on the link sent to this profile but it signed me in as my alternate, either way the reply you see from GameScouter is also me.

With Magic in the game could there be effects that grow the characters you date like be or gts wise. I really like to see that as a event or magic skill.

Hey JetGhost! I'm sorry but I'm not understanding your question. Relationships with characters are built around the choices you make when Talking. Some will have requirements (stat wise) but Magic Spells do not affect Relationship Paths. 

Thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice! -din

Does magic in the game make your romance interest have height growth?

No, the magic is mainly used for combat situations.


This seems like a game i would love to play! If i had money to buy the NSFW version...

You should try playing Faulty Apprentice anyways! A little censorship never hurt anyone (=

Only game I've paid for so far...well, pre-ordered ^_^ Just about to play the demo now!

Hey thanks for the pre-order! Enjoy the demo =D

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I tried the game on steam. I download the Fantasy visual novel, then I try to purchase the NSFW content and am told to download the Fantasy Visual Novel. I click the link, and it takes me back to the fantasy Visual Novel I just downloaded.

Hey Ronehjr! The NSFW version is available here:

Since you already donated $10 on this page, I can email you a download code for the NSFW. Please expect it very soon from AGLstudioArt. Thank you for playing!!

I would appreciate that. Thank you for your prompt response.

Sent to the email you use for your itchio account. Cheers!

I have received nothing yet.

Email us at plz

Found a bug with Ram. When you talk with her about the cat, two of the answers cause her to run through every possible response and neither effects morale. The only one that reacts normally is, "I couldn't either. They're too cute!"

Hey good catch! Thanks for letting us know!

Another problem, the game seems to lock up near the end. Two lines after the dark elf insults the magic instructor, the game stops doing anything. It just stays stuck on the screen of her.

Are you playing v.1.0.3? That bug should be fixed already, but thank you for reporting!


Review :

The Chapter 1 was FABULOUS 

So much you can test in the game and explore.( me myself invested 8-9 hours in the game already only for chapter one to explore the different paths.) 

I only can recomment this game to every one who want play a good game with ,good story and art disign.

I can´t wait on the second Chapter.

this game gets 10 points, out of 5 possible achievable points.

Thank you for the kind words and support, Akuma! On behalf of the team, we are happy to see you enjoying Faulty Apprentice: Chapter One and look forward to sharing more with you in the future! -din

I have a problem, the stats keeps changing at random. I can gain intelligence then come back to have it back at zero.

On it! Thanks for the report!

Hey Newgman! Found the issue. Good news is the bug is in the meter only, so all your stats are still being saved! Should have a patch to fix that within the hour. Cheers and thanks again for playing Faulty Apprentice! -din

Thank you. Should the guards have their relationship meter shown in their conversation page? It's shown in the status screen but not there. It's shown for the instructors, alchemist, head guard, and Mavie.

While you can affect the Morale of castle guards and their ending in the Final Battle, you cannot build an official Relationship with them at this time. However, the Bunny Guard was upgraded to the datable character roster thanks to the generous folks at Kickstarter. (=

Cheers! -din


so chapter 1 download when?  am I right that its today and would it be up yet?

Yup coming soon! Get hyped!! XD


Disappointed that the demo was removed :(

Haha you won't be when you see whats replacing it!

Cheers! -din

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

You are the artists that create whatever you want, however I feel the 'touching' (or more accurately, creepy groping) mechanic is something that should be relagated to trashy Japanese/Korean/Chinese imported games rather than ones created by an indie team with actual talent and creativity.

You're better than that.  I know you are.  If you still want to leave it in then that's up to you but I don't think there are enough of your customers who would go crazy if the feature was left out of the final version.

Alternatively, a separate build without the 'creepy groping' feature please?  Much appreciated and would mitigate the 'OMG Censorship of Creepy Groping' crowd that comes out of their caves to yell at clouds.

I've got absolutely zero issues with any of the other remaining cheesy/sexy artwork.  All the lovely ladies look adult(ish) and that's much better than most VNs :)


I think you might actually like the touching then, because of the consequences of not being in Relationship with that character. I won't spoil the fun though so you'll just have to try it when you feel daring XD We want to keep the touching though in both versions so you can pet Animals and interact with the environments too (=

We appreciate the honest feedback either way and are glad to hear you are looking forward to Faulty Apprentice Chapter One!

Cheers! -din


I appreciate the mature response to reasonable feedback.  I'm glad you all are wonderful indie devs :)
I've got a bit of a backlog but this game is going to be put on there as soon as all these wonderful game releases slow down a bit.
Although I'm not a fan of groping mechanics (done poorly), I look forward to seeing how this game does it differently.

Take care and may the odds be ever in your favor <3


I'm crying. It's almost there... (T_T )


Hahah wooo! Countdown on the days has come. See you end of the Month! =D

RIP Demo (=

Deleted 306 days ago

Thanks! Wait till you play Chapter One, that was nothing =D

I'm not exactly sure what traning day entails. I kept cutting logs for the knight until level 6 but it was just the same thing after the same thing. Not sure if I kept going I would see some oppai or, not I didn't have the patinece  haha.

Hahahah yeah, you have to play longer than 5min to see oppai =P

Is there a way to skip the mindless fruit ninja section? It is an *astonishing* waste of time. Given how long it goes on for, it makes me really doubt there is anything else to the game.

Hey Deudanann, was the Sword Training is the only minigame you have issue with? What do you think we could do to make it more interesting? The purpose of this training demo is solely to test the minigames, so we appreciate the feedback!

Does this contain romance?  What's the  game's genre?


There will be implied romance situations in full game, you can only build relationships so far in this demo. Genre is fantasy dating sim with rpg elements. Hope you like it! More updates coming soon =D


Thanks for replying, I'm looking forward to the release!

Enjoyed what I played of it so far, Was going to play this months ago but, never got around to it. Love the art style the humor and, the voice acting. Can't wait to jump into the NSFW side of it too off my channel

Hey thanks Raithias! Glad you enjoyed this old demo! Look forward to some awesome updates soon (=
- din

When will the game be finished?

Hopefully by end of the year

The artwork in this game is spectacular! 

I look forward to a full screen option!

If full screen is forthcoming, I'd love to feature Faulty Apprentice in a YouTube video "Let's Play" (censored as required).  I hope you won't object. Let me know.

We have a new update coming next month with Full Screen option and some other long over due upgrades! Thanks for letting us know your interested, and be sure to link us the video when you're done so we can check it out! -Din

I was so enamored with the game I just couldn't wait to get started recording play. I normally like to capture in 1920x1080, but have begun this capture in 1440x960. It looks pretty good. Got a date yet for the next release?  

Next public release will be in one month, but for specific date would be best to follow us on Twitter @AGLstudioArt

Glad its still looking good! Can't wait to see the video (=

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