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In a world of Magic, Monsters and Mystery, you are the Faulty Apprentice!

Faulty Apprentice is a fantasy adventure dating sim with RPG elements and mild nudity. You take on the role of an ordinary farm boy that left home seeking a glorious apprenticeship. You have had a couple jobs, in fact, you have had a lot, more than you can count. Why do you keep getting fired? If you can't hold an apprenticeship at this castle, there is nowhere left!

Is a lifetime of failure leading the Apprentice to a greater purpose? Or will he fail in a blaze of glory like always? Perhaps with your help and some new friends, you can turn this Faulty Apprentice into a true hero!

Similar to the Persona series, the game timeline is broken down day by day. Each day you will have the opportunity to spend your time however you like. You may train in order to increase attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom and Stealth. Completing the training mini games will allow you to level up a particular attribute, which will be needed to complete Jobs.

Another way to spend time in the castle is completing different types of Jobs. Each character other than the Instructors will have something they need help with. Completing these Jobs will affect that character's role in the Final Battle. Some characters will have Urgent Jobs, which require high level attributes and a completion of a mini game. Completing Urgent Jobs are difficult, but will raise your Courage!

Raising your Courage will allow you to spend time with the Instructors outside of training and progress the story. The training path and characters you choose to spend time with will unlock new areas of the castle, characters, quests and affect the overall story.

Some routes of the game will lead to good, others to evil. Will you save the kingdom? Or will you bring about it's destruction? The fate of the lands will be determined by you, the Faulty Apprentice.

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Take the Castle Tour Online by using this link:
Stars Reach Castle Tour
*Internet connection may affect Castle Tour game speed.

Demo has been updated Oct. 16th 2pm PST
Bug Fixes:
- Sword training day 2 would skiping

For any bug report please email: AGLstudioart@gmail.com

**$5 version is uncensored(NSFW) and rated M for Mature Audiences**

All donations go towards funding game production. Thank you!!

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Published118 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Anime, dating, Dating Sim, erotic, Fantasy, hentai, sim, Story Rich, Visual Novel
Player countSingleplayer


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Hello, friends! I wonder - how to contact developers team by email?

Hello Pinkerator! You can reach us at AGLstudioArt@gmail.com


To be honest, I sat down to record a video of this and ended up recording 3! The game is absolutely awesome! You've got yourself a new Youtube friend! Presently going to my college courses but I'll jump over to your patreon tonight and drop a couple dimes! Keep it up!

Hey thanks Owl!! Your support is much appreciated. Loved the first vid, can't wait to see more! Glad you are digging Faulty Apprentice!! (=

Time to finish this mother up! I can't wait for the full game! Dinmoney! Get on it! Mwhahahaha!

HHAHAHAHA love the guard line up image you made! Glad you enjoyed the demo bro! Thanks again for making the videos, Jes and I really enjoy watching them (=

Time for video 2! Gonna blast through the demo, since I did it in three parts this time! Sexiest episode evar!

Sweeeet! Good luck with the next part, something tells me you might be in for a suprise encounter XD


Alright, got the first video done from the new demo, and loved the changes! Keep it up!

WOOOOO!!! Thanks Flog! Nice first day of Sword Training! Glad you are digging the upgrades!

Love 'em! Can't wait for the full game, man!

cant wait for next update :D

Coming soon! =

Awesome project. Rated with 5 stars.

Glad you like the game so far! Thank you for the rating! (

(Before, I played this game)

Sergey(Me): Hhhmmm, like design in this game already. Let's see what we have!

(After, I played this game)

Sergey: What?! You can not end on this moment! B-but I need more! And why was cut remaining content?! It would be absolutely no need to do! *Sergey start cry like a little girl which robbed of her candy* ( T_T)

(And right now)

Sergey: Anyway I like this game! Waiting for updates, and pray to the heavens one day I got a game with all the content! ;'(

HAhahahahhaha yea, we just have the beta/alpha right now, (still learning game dev and proper labels).
Glad you enjoyed Faulty Apprentice so far!! Still have some cool new features to add before we can push towards the full game. Hoping to have an updated version by end of the month, gunna be siiiiiick!!!

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment Sergey! (=

Big fan of your art and style. I became a Patreon supporter the other day and can't wait for the full thing to come out. Here is the first video for our lets play of it as well.


Hey I thought I recognized your gamertag. Thanks so much for the Patreon support bro!!
Was awesome watching you play and I'm glad you are digging the game so far!! Is it cool if I use your video to promote the game when marketing time comes?

Working hard on the next update so we can get some quests going, gunna be siiiiiick!!! =D

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Hello, I played the game and It does have me very interested in it, I plan to record the whole game however if it is a beta would it be better I wait until the game is fully complete? I would suggest maybe female voices as me doing the voices of the girls seems a bit odd. Also is this on Gamejolt? If not I do recommend it, its a good game and would get my 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer


Hey Fellowplayer!

Thank you so much for playing and recording! It is making my morning watching you play through the game so far (=
It's cool you are already recording, just be clear its the beta version, and be ready for next upgrade! (in about month or two). Going to be adding a lot more content like quests, areas of castle, and new navigation system next!

Would you allow me to use your recordings to promote the game when the time comes?

I want to get some female voice actresses too! Finalizing the script for the upcoming quests, after that I can start hosting auditions (volunteers till I can get funding).
Haven't heard of Gamjolt, but i'll check it out right now, thanks for the tip!

Glad you dig the game so far!!

Hello, yes feel free to use the recording, I just suggest Gamejolt as popular games get lots of attention there including mine and I would be happy to recommend it if I see it there.

In process of getting Faulty Apprentice on GameJolt, just had a small issue with email confirmation when signing up, but being taken care of. Thanks again for the tip, will let you know when I get FA up, or if I have any questions.
Also, thanks again for recording your gameplay! Watching your videos gave me a lot of insight on ways to improve the game (=