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Extended Demo has been updated Mar. 24, 6:35pm PST
For any bug reports, please email: AGLstudioart@gmail.com

- Sword Training mini game crash: Hopefully this latest version fixed it?? Plz let me know!

**$5 version is uncensored(NSFW) and rated M for Mature Audiences**

All dontations go towards game development


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Faulty Apprentice Extended Demo NSFW 371 MB if you pay $2.50 USD or more


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Episode 2 is up! And there will be more on the way. I seriously cannot wait for the full version! :)


Another great video Rock! And yes, your playthroughs are very helpful, thank you for recording them. Look forward to seeing more. Don't forget to try touching the characters haha! Goodluck! XD

I shall touch them all in Episode 4. I started to in 3, and the results were pretty awesome to say the least. lol

Hey there! I've begun doing a playthrough of this game, and I've enjoyed what I've played so far. I did notice one potential typo, and had an issue with one of the trainerings breaking the game. BUT, I plan on playing more, so I hope this helps! Can't wait to see more! :) Thank you!


Dude! That was great video! So happy the fantasy references are landing! My apologies for the crash on sword training. The VN software we are using is great for starting out, but not built to support quick time events (sword training). If the Kickstarter is funded we can translate the game into Unity and not only stabilize the mini games but improve them!

Thank you again for the video! I hope you can see the potential of the game and will give it another try (just save before training XD) and if you like it plz consider supporting us on Kickstarter!

Look forward to part 2! If you have any questions or any other problems let me know! Thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice, Rock!

Hello! What sort of criticisms are you looking for for this demo? Since you're looking to reprogram it in unity instead.

Yo! Open to any feedback really, what's up

When I play those mini games, sometimes the actual game would freeze up. So I have to close the program and reload my save point and hope that doesn't happen again. Also, after a certain amount of task it seems like the FirstGuard always give me a game over, not sure if its intended or not.

Thanks for letting me know! Yea, the VN software we are using is not really designed for mini games, so we are pushing its limits. We started a kickstarter to hire a programmer and translate Faulty Apprentice into Unity. Thats interesting about the First Guard though.. Did you complete the Alchemist Urgent Job by end of Day 5? She's only supposed to kick you out of castle if you don't do that Job in time for story event.

Oh I see, will it be like that on the final product?

The mini game issues will not be problem in final game, but the First Guard will still probably kick you out if you don't do the Urgent Job in time. Cheers!


If we paid for the NSFW a while ago do we have access to the newer version of it or do we have to pay again?

Sorry I missed your message! You can re-download for Free by using the previous "download URL."
There should be a way for itch to recover that from the support page, cheers!

(Edited 1 time)

Just trying the new demo, looks like I'm stuck in a loop doing Sword training the second time. It happens after the level 2 Sword Training mini-game while the message repeats: "The Sword Instructor gives a couple of last pointers to the soldiers she is training and walks over to you." Again and again. After reloading save and doing it again it just gets stuck.

Also, will you do something about the annoying 'drag image' while playing any skill-up mini-game? You can drag an image like the target and because of it miss taking the shot.

Furthermore I'm experiencing quite a difference, especially convenient that Auto-text button and the quick save/load! Perhaps a slider to regulate the speed of the auto-text would be a great addition as well! Also, earning Courage after completing a Job makes sense, things go faster this way. Still not through the demo, will provide more feedback later!

EDIT: Finished the new demo! Turns out the loop only happens the 2nd day in the castle, and after talking to the instructor. I was able to finish the training till the milestone before needing to continue with the story.

Hey Chinpa! Thanks for letting me know, will look at those areas right away

Edit added.

Excellent, glad you were able to get past it! If tomorrows kickstarter gets funded we will be able to hire a programmer to translate the mini games in Unity. That should help a lot with training bugs. Thanks again for playing! Sword up! (=

Hello dinmoney! It's me Sergei, I hope you still remember me! :p (Even if I wrote my comments a long time ago. >_> ) Anyway I have a couple of questions and I really need answers on them: 1-"So i have a 512.55 RUB on my hands, that in dollars 8.78 USD, and I would like to support this project Faulty Apprentice (And use a NSFW version ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) where I go with that. It's okay if I buy you Faulty Apprentice on my 512.55 RUB, or should I wait when the game will be released in the Steam? 2-If I I buy a game right now, (NSFM) did the game what I just buy will updated in future when you decide to develop it or should I wait for full version and them buy? And last double question 3- If I buy game in other sites (like Steam) did I support this project? And if I buy game in Steam there will be te NSFM version? (Because I know 2 or 3 game in Steam what have a NSFM material and they was censored. I don;t like censorship.)

Hey Sergei! I remember you (=

1. Buying here would be great support for us! We will be updating the demo in next couple weeks with voice acting if you want to wait for that. For news and updates follow us on Twitter!

2. If you buy now, you can use the download URL to redownload at any time in the future. If you lose your URL you can get it again from the support page.

3. Steam doesn't allow NSFW so we should be releasing that version here on itchio.

Hope that answered your questions. We really appreciate your support and glad you like our game Faulty Apprentice! (=


Geoff Trebs @dinmoney

Yes, that's help me a lot. Thank you! :)

Hey there, I was wondering, since I pledged on your patreon, do I get the latest version of the game?

We have an update to the demo coming end of this month, will be sharing with Patrons at that time.
Thanks for the support!

No worries!

I just want you to know that this game so far is great! I'll be looking into getting the paid version when I have a little more spending money.

Hey glad you are enjoying Faulty Apprentice so far! Really appreciate the kind words and support! (=

Hey I am playing the mac version of this game and i can't seem to get past the first night of rest. Is there some thing that I am doing wrong? Looks like a really fun game that I look forward to playing.

Thanks for letting me know. What does it say on the Calender, day 0 Sunday or Day 1 Monday? And what happens when you press the Leave Room button in lower left of room screen? Just did a play through and wasn't able to duplicate that issue.

On the calendar its day 0. pressing the leave room button says im too tired (which seems to be a story thing). i tried redownloading it but the issue still stands :/

goes to night time with the castle and lights but it just stays there, i cant open the menu and try to escape or anything

Ok thanks, sounds like there is an issue with the auto-save system.. Sorry to trouble you but can you answer these questions?
- Are you using the Itchio app?
- Or do you have the game files on your computer?
- Are you getting a .sav file in the game folder when the game gets stuck?

Hey made a custom No Auto Save build of Faulty Apprentice Mac demo for you, hopefully that will help!

Thanks you! I just started playing and I have been having loads of fun! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with next!

WOOO!! Thanks for bearing with me, glad the no auto save version is working for you, cheers!

I purchased the NSFW version, but am having the same issues. I've played the version you have listed here, but was curious if I could get a copy of the one I paid for. Really enjoying the game so far!

Damn, that sucks man. Can you answer these for me? I am trying to find root of problem (would be nice to keep autosave feature).

- Are you playing Mac version of FA?

- Are you using the Itchio app?

- Do you have the game files on your computer? Or are you playing via a USB drive?

- Are you getting a .sav file in the game folder when the game gets stuck?

Either way I'll get you sorted out! Email me at AGLstudioArt@gmail.com with the same email you used to purchase so I can confirm it. Glad you dig the game so far and thanks for your patience!

Hey dinmoney! Want to hear a good joke?

Joke: "What do you call a warrior who is not able to fight? DISarmed!" (Insert laugh track here)

Hey mate, I was just wondering if are at all considering releasing a complete version of the game that is censored? I ask because I would love to support your work but don't feel comfortable with nudity and/or sex.

Yes, we are currently working on an all ages version. Thanks for expressing interest in supporting Faulty Apprentice!

Glad to hear it mate! I look forward to the final version!

Hi Fish!
We just released an all ages version of Faulty Apprentice!
Hope you dig it! https://dinmoney.itch.io/faulty

Hey, thanks for letting me know mate! I'll check it out!

Love the bad and the seductive girls the most, the sexy and dangerous alchemist, deliciously mysterious cloak & dagger girl and the care free bunny girl :D Will there be different endings for each or an harem ending?

Hey glad you dig the game so far and have some fav characters!! I don't want to spoil anything so I can't say much, but I will say FA will NOT be one big harem ending, cheers! (=


It's been a minute or two but the next part is here! I had to resolve corrupted footage issues but now that it's fixed the next few parts are on the way!

Great Video again Owl! Thanks for posting! Next update will help you get that Courage easier, I promise XD

looking forward to it man! Keep me posted :D

I was able to get a level of courage but no more than 1 before I had to do the end sequence of the Demo. Will we be able to get more courage and unlock a few new scenes before we are forced to end the demo?

By the way I love how you made the mechanics of the game work, can't wait to buy the full version. I bought the NSFW version, to all those who haven't, it's worth the extra distracting scenes plus you're supporting the game progression. Totally looking forward to the Wet Tunic Contest, who knows what's in store for us faulty apprentices there!

We are tweaking the courage system to grow evenly with the other stats and adding more dialog scenes with the instructors. Can't say anymore than that at this time. Thank for purchasing the NSFW version! We need all the funding we can get hahah! XD
Glad you are enjoying the game and distracting scenes! (=

Great demo looking forward to the full release, which is when by the way?

Hey thanks! No release date as of now, just starting to sink our teeth into the Faulty Apprentice development. For news and updates please follow us on twitter @AGLstudioArt or to be a part of the process by supporting on Patreon! Cheers! -din

does the instructors have names?

They do, but getting them to tell you is whole other matter XD

Thanks for playing!!

Can't wait to try the demo. Is there any chance a mobile version is being considered. I spend close to three hours a day commuting to and from work and these types of games are exactly what I'm looking for (and many others too I hope). I would gladly pay $5+ for this to play on my phone!

Hey thanks for the feedback! We are definitely considering a mobile version and trying to keep the text and buttons large enough to work for it. Glad to hear you are interested!!

Thank you for the reply! is there a best place, perhaps Twitter, to follow news of a potential Android version?

Yes! We just made a twitter for the Faulty Apprentice @PlayFaulty and we also have our studio twitter @AGLstudioArt for news on all our games and what not. Cheers!

Hello, friends! I wonder - how to contact developers team by email?

Hello Pinkerator! You can reach us at AGLstudioArt@gmail.com


To be honest, I sat down to record a video of this and ended up recording 3! The game is absolutely awesome! You've got yourself a new Youtube friend! Presently going to my college courses but I'll jump over to your patreon tonight and drop a couple dimes! Keep it up!

Hey thanks Owl!! Your support is much appreciated. Loved the first vid, can't wait to see more! Glad you are digging Faulty Apprentice!! (=

Time to finish this mother up! I can't wait for the full game! Dinmoney! Get on it! Mwhahahaha!

HHAHAHAHA love the guard line up image you made! Glad you enjoyed the demo bro! Thanks again for making the videos, Jes and I really enjoy watching them (=

Time for video 2! Gonna blast through the demo, since I did it in three parts this time! Sexiest episode evar!

Sweeeet! Good luck with the next part, something tells me you might be in for a suprise encounter XD


Alright, got the first video done from the new demo, and loved the changes! Keep it up!

WOOOOO!!! Thanks Flog! Nice first day of Sword Training! Glad you are digging the upgrades!

Love 'em! Can't wait for the full game, man!

cant wait for next update :D

Coming soon! =

Awesome project. Rated with 5 stars.

Glad you like the game so far! Thank you for the rating! (

(Before, I played this game)

Sergey(Me): Hhhmmm, like design in this game already. Let's see what we have!

(After, I played this game)

Sergey: What?! You can not end on this moment! B-but I need more! And why was cut remaining content?! It would be absolutely no need to do! *Sergey start cry like a little girl which robbed of her candy* ( T_T)

(And right now)

Sergey: Anyway I like this game! Waiting for updates, and pray to the heavens one day I got a game with all the content! ;'(

HAhahahahhaha yea, we just have the beta/alpha right now, (still learning game dev and proper labels).
Glad you enjoyed Faulty Apprentice so far!! Still have some cool new features to add before we can push towards the full game. Hoping to have an updated version by end of the month, gunna be siiiiiick!!!

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment Sergey! (=

Big fan of your art and style. I became a Patreon supporter the other day and can't wait for the full thing to come out. Here is the first video for our lets play of it as well.


Hey I thought I recognized your gamertag. Thanks so much for the Patreon support bro!!
Was awesome watching you play and I'm glad you are digging the game so far!! Is it cool if I use your video to promote the game when marketing time comes?

Working hard on the next update so we can get some quests going, gunna be siiiiiick!!! =D

(Edited 1 time)

Hello, I played the game and It does have me very interested in it, I plan to record the whole game however if it is a beta would it be better I wait until the game is fully complete? I would suggest maybe female voices as me doing the voices of the girls seems a bit odd. Also is this on Gamejolt? If not I do recommend it, its a good game and would get my 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer


Hey Fellowplayer!

Thank you so much for playing and recording! It is making my morning watching you play through the game so far (=
It's cool you are already recording, just be clear its the beta version, and be ready for next upgrade! (in about month or two). Going to be adding a lot more content like quests, areas of castle, and new navigation system next!

Would you allow me to use your recordings to promote the game when the time comes?

I want to get some female voice actresses too! Finalizing the script for the upcoming quests, after that I can start hosting auditions (volunteers till I can get funding).
Haven't heard of Gamjolt, but i'll check it out right now, thanks for the tip!

Glad you dig the game so far!!

Hello, yes feel free to use the recording, I just suggest Gamejolt as popular games get lots of attention there including mine and I would be happy to recommend it if I see it there.

In process of getting Faulty Apprentice on GameJolt, just had a small issue with email confirmation when signing up, but being taken care of. Thanks again for the tip, will let you know when I get FA up, or if I have any questions.
Also, thanks again for recording your gameplay! Watching your videos gave me a lot of insight on ways to improve the game (=