Faulty Apprentice June Update 2

Latest updates to Faulty Apprentice:

New locations - travel from within locals 

  • - Library
  • - Rooftop
  • - More??? See for yourself!

Night time Exploration of Stars Reach Castle is now available!

  • - Chibis change locations and hang out in the Lower Courtyard Tavern

Chapter 2 Climax scene!

  • - New villains! 
  • - Different for each Equipment set
  • - Save your game in a new slot before playing!!

Coming next to Faulty Apprentice:

Patrons Voted to put our limited time events in the full game!

  • - Secret Hearts Festival
  • - Bunny-bunny Egg Hunt

The Final Chapter of Faulty Apprentice begins!! 

  • - "The Return of Vaultes"


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