May Update 3

Training sessions 9 for Archery, Sword, and Magic!

  • 2nd to last Training sessions, so very challenging!

Sir Quintus Urgent Job

  • He suspects a hidden assassin hiding in the Royal Tower, but he needs a sword he can trust to do a full sweep of the area. What will you find? You'll have to play to find out!

Black Cat's Urgent Job

  • Midnight is sick of you hanging around Sunny and wants you gone! You're not going to take that though, right? So get up there and show them you're not to be bullied!

Health System for Urgent and Trainings

  • Mentioned in previous video we were testing with just Princess
  • Now implemented everywhere

More Romance and Talks for each characters!

  • Can go to Day 11 in-game!

Art update:

Castle Guard Treasure Box!

  • Bunny Guard vs. Sleep Spiders image set
  • Cinder Guard Flames image set
  • Doll Guard Drawings image set
  • Fawn Guard Findings image set
  • First Guard Awakening image set
  • Fox Guard Bushing image set
  • Ghost Guard Beads image set
  • Gorgon Guard Sculpting image set
  • Goth Guard Keys image set
  • Marine Guard Beer image set
  • Orc Guard Proud image set
  • Ram Guard Sleeping In image set
  • Shark Guard Fishing image set
  • Slime Guard Seduction image set
  • Thunder Guard Dreams of Flight image set
  • Unicorn Guard Happy & Magical image
  • Wolf Guard Bone image set

What's coming next???

  • Final Sword Training with Brea
  • Final Mage Training with Sunny
  • Final Archery Training with Eleanna
    • All with new reward images!
  • Romantic paths!


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