Faulty Apprentice: Day 9 + Archery Training

Greetings Apprentices! The next milestone of Archery Training with Instructor Eleanna is now available to play on Patreon! And trust me, it's a good one! We have also added new Talks for everyone so please explore Relationship paths further <3

Play Chapter Two by pledging $10 now!
Chapter One by pledging ONLY $2 now!

Thank you for playing Faulty Apprentice!
Din + AGL team

New Faulty Apprentice Event will be announced next week!

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So if I paid $20 for this a year ago on this site, is Chapter 1 the only one I get?

Yes, your purchase of the $20 NSFW Treasure box (containing $35 worth of digital content) included: 

  • + Faulty Apprentice Chapter One NSFW $10
  • + Faulty Apprentice Wallpaper Pack NSFW $5
  • + Faulty Apprentice Wallpaper Pack 2 NSFW $5
  • + Alchemist Wallpaper Pack NSFW $5
  • + Dark Elf Prisoner Image Set NSFW $5
  • + Dark Elf Splash Art Image Set NSFW $5

Understood. Thanks very much for your response. Best regards!

is this an update from the 1st chapter? 

Yes, Chapter Two is available on our Patreon!